Blackpool’s Super Casino Plans Resurrected

A government minister has resurrected Blackpool’s super-casino plans. Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry has spoken about his plans to bring a super-casino to Blackpool more than 12 years after the House Of Lords blocked the initial project.

Speaking to the BBC, Jake Berry said a huge casino could help spark a “once in a generation” chance to regenerate the seaside town.

Adding “It is early days but I think this is a prize worth reaching for.

“So far I’ve had a discussion with the leader of Blackpool Council and I have been speaking to the council to see if it is possible to unbung the legislation which still remains on the statute books.”

If the plans go ahead, the mega-casino could create 3000 much need jobs in the local area. It would also bring millions of additional visits from thrill-seekers looking for more than just a ‘kiss me quick’ hat.

Steven Bate, a member of a group, set up to oppose the 2007 casino plan, speaking to the BBC said. “It is very doubtful if the government could get any legislation through the Lords to allow it. The last attempt was a failure.” Relying on the House Of Lords to block the casino deal might prove problematic. Almost two-thirds of the British Public now back a reformed upper chamber. It’s doubtful whether the Lords would want to tangle with the commons again over this popular proposal.

In 2007 the Casino Advisory Panel, set up by New Labour to determine where the first mega casino should be situated. Despite all common sense and a fantastic plan from Blackpool the lucrative casino licence was awarded to Manchester. However, the Manchester mega-casino failed to materialise.

Jake Berry, Northern Powerhouse Minister said: “Blackpool is a phenomenal resort which has huge potential for growth.

“It is early days but this would be a very exciting project that would create a world-class attraction.

Let’s hope that this time around, the casino gets the home it deserves in Blackpool.