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Storm Ciara Batters Blackpool

Storm Ciara sent Blackpool residents and visitors running for cover as 80mph winds battered the Lancashire coastline over the weekend. The town’s famous promenade was hit by the full force of the Storm, which has bursts the banks of many British rivers, uprooted trees and flooded homes across the country. In one horrific video posted […]

Visitor Numbers Dip At Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has announced a dip in visitor numbers during the 12 months to March 2019. The company (Blackpool Pleasure Beach Holdings Ltd) reported that attendances were down 5.8% per cent over the period. The company statement said : “Attendance shortfall is attributable to a number of factors including the economy, the continuing confusion […]

Tips To Improve Your Poker Skills

Poker has been around for a very long time. Some historians claim it can be traced back to a card game played by a 10th century Chinese Emperor. Others claim it goes back to 16th century Persia. Either way, it’s been part of world culture for hundreds, if not thousands of years. But like all […]

WWE NXT Blackpool Show Sells Out In 2 Hours

WWE NXT is the offshoot of the world-famous WWE wrestling brand. Originally NXT was to operate as a feeder division for the main WWE roster. However, the NXT brand attracted a large following among wrestling fans with its talented wrestlers and engaging storylines. In 2017 NXT UK held its inaugural event in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. […]

Fire At Blackpool’s Iconic Arcade

An electrical fire has damaged Blackpool’s Coral Island complex. The venue is the largest free indoor family attractions in the city. Located at the side of the old Central Station, it first opened to the public back in 1978. On the 24th September 2019, a fire started close to the exterior of the complex around […]

Are Blackpool’s Claw Machines Rigged?

If you’ve played one of the many arcade claw games located on Blackpool’s Golden Mile, the thought will have crossed your mind that ‘these games are totally rigged.’ On a typical visit to the arcade, my kids will spend £50 of my hard-earned cash to win a soft toy with the value of £2 on […]

Can Big Data Revolutionise How Pros Play Poker?

Big data is disrupting the way we experience the world and everything in it. From business and wildlife conservation to professional sports and online poker, data analytics is being used to accurately predict outcomes. Big Data Being Used to Predict Outcomes in Business, Sports and Online Poker Huge data sets, where information is mined in […]

Blackpool’s Super Casino Plans Resurrected

A government minister has resurrected Blackpool’s super-casino plans. Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry has spoken about his plans to bring a super-casino to Blackpool more than 12 years after the House Of Lords blocked the initial project. Speaking to the BBC, Jake Berry said a huge casino could help spark a “once in a generation” […]

A Beginners Guide To Blackjack

Blackjack is an interesting game. It is one of the few casino based games that require an element of skill. Roulette is very much a luck based game and in poker you play against other people, not the house (mostly). Blackjack, at least on the skill front, is a decent combination of both. Also known […]